Hi. My name is Michael Moussa - welcome!

I've been a web application developer for nearly 20 years, during which time I've been involved at one point or another in every aspect of software projects for the web ranging from infrastructure to frontend. I've used various languages, but my specialty is PHP.

After unexpectedly finding myself in charge of a previous company's entire AWS infrastructure for a new project we were building, I decided to educate myself on the AWS platform and earned my AWS Developer, SysOps Administrator, and Solutions Architect Associate level certifications within a few short months. I am now a Senior Technical Demo Engineer at AWS where I help to develop demos to showcase AWS products at major events.

In my spare time, I enjoy contributing to open-source projects, presenting technical talks at developer conferences, riding my bike, homebrewing my award-winning beer, trying to find less expensive hobbies, and wishing I had enough time to do all of that more often!